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The Body Phyx® Difference

Mechanical problems are identified and treated by physical therapists.

The progression of treatment in the treatment of pain:

  1. Over the counter medications
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Prescription anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxers and pain medication
  4. Invasive treatments: Epidural injections and surgery.

The problem with the above system:

  • Conservative treatment is not used either through ignorance or if used, resulted in poor outcomes.
  • If identified, treatment of the neural component of pain was not applied according to the science of neural mobilization, resulting in poor outcomes.
  • The true mechanical problem is not identified either by the physician or the physical therapist. A good analogy here is fixing a car. Finding the problem is the hard part. Fixing it is easy. Not all mechanics know what to look for. Not all physicians and physical therapist know how to identify and treat the neural component to pain. In fact most do not. Perhaps, if the patient who had a laryngectomy and is featured in "Miracle Stories", had been evaluated by a neuro-orthopedic physical therapist, or in the absence of that, been treated on Body Phyx, the laryngectomy could have been avoided. Understand, as a result of this laryenjectomy, this man cannot talk. He has a PhD in sociology and cannot talk.

Body Phyx has the potential for a positive, significant impact on treatment protocols. This includes all treatment protocols used by physical therapists. Body Phyx should be an ongoing component of post radiation and burn patient follow-up treatment. By incorporating the nervous system into protocols for the treatment of pain and mechanical problems (and swallowing is a mechanical problem), Body Phyx would have a significantly greater benefit to the patient than the stationary bike or treadmill that are routinely used.

Body Phyx should be incorporated into all athletic training programs to address the commonly unidentified source of pain, the mechanics of the nervous system. That is, the ability of the nerves to accommodate movement in the musculoskeletal system. Without that ability there is pain and decreased performance.

Body Phyx is not intended to replace standard treatment protocols but to enhance them by giving the treating practitioner the tool with which to address the nervous system when treating pain in the musculoskeletal system.

A present patient at CHC Physical therapy who has a PhD in Exercise Physiology states that, "We forget that it is not all about the muscles."